Trevor from UBC: The man on the chair at the SUB

Discussion in 'Schools' started by momentai, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. momentai

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    The man above is Trevor. He hangs out at UBC a lot and passed away last night to this morning. RIP

    Can anyone tell me more about him? UBCers are talking about him non-stop (including my brother) on FB and stuff. Thanks.

    PS: I want to know why his death is attracting so much attention and love

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  2. ELLE

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    His name is Chairbo, well that's a made up name but it's not confirmed whether or not he's homeless. We don't think he is because my friend who helped the Campus Security said he leaves around 9 p.m. and goes home. He always sits at this chair next to the vending machines in the SUB. Any one who has gone to UBC or still goes to UBC knows about him. He's just there and has never disturbed anyone. I'm a little sad since he left before I graduated. Rest in Peace.

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  3. neonscent

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    i saw him all the time when i was in the SUB... and i never thought twice :( rip
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  4. j4joanne

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    He is probably the ONLY person at UBC which everyone, even first years that have only been to school for a couple of weeks, knew of.

    He's a homeless man that hangs out at the Student Union Building of UBC every day. I started school there in 2007 and I've seen him since then. Some say they've seen him there back since 2005. That chair he's sitting in in your posted picture, that's HIS chair.

    He never caused any trouble, in the morning he will be reading his 24H, Metro, or Globe and Mail newspaper with a cup of coffee in his hand. In the afternoon, food court ladies will often offer him a muffin from that day's left over bakery items. Abour once every 1-2 hours, he will get out of his chair and check all the vending machines in the building for forgotten quarters. He is a surprisingly calming presence in the building even though 99% of the students who know of him has never spoken to him.

    I'm sad to think that he won't be there when I graduate this May, because he's been a part of my years at UBC even though he has no idea. It saddens me even more to think that he will not be able to enjoy the new SUB building couple years down the road; I was so sure he'd be almost GIVEN a dedicated chair haha...

    He was the owner of that corner of the SUB, and every body is used to his presence there. Along with majority of the school, I will miss him too :(
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  5. j4joanne

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    My boyfriend and I refer to him as Hobo King, because he owns that chair like his throne's a sad day indeed
  6. devilgurl

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    The chair dude... He always sits in his chair in the sub all day everyday, not sure if he's homeless or not. He was there when I went to ubc in 03-07. RIP Trevor, I wonder what's going to happen to his chair. Does anyone know how he died?
  7. momentai

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    natural causes and i think someone wrote something on his chair in his memory
  8. -AngelzKiss-

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    Wow... I never would have thought. Everyone knew him, he was never a disturbance. RIP Trevor, I hope you passed away peacefully.
    This article is an extension to what ELLE posted:
    Familiar SUB face reportedly found dead at UBC

    One of the SUB’s most familiar faces is no longer with us, according to reports from AMS Security.
    A man, known to AMS Security as Trevor Wimble, who often sat in the armchair next to the south SUB entrance, was reportedly found dead in the UBC Village earlier this week.
    “Last night at about a quarter after 7[pm], the fire company from Firehall 10 responded to a medical emergency, a report of a man down at Wesbrook and University. When they got there, they found one deceased male,” said Gabe Roder, a captain at the Vancouver Fire Department.
    Roder was unable to release any official information about the man’s identity or the cause of death.
    AMS Security employee David Pendlebury learned of the man’s passing from UBC Campus Security.
    “[Campus Security] phoned me up earlier to let me know,” said Pendlebury. Pendlebury first said to The Ubyssey that the death had occurred between February 6 and 7, but when he was asked again for comment he stated, “[Campus Security] said he’d been found earlier this week.”
    “He was found in the [UBC] village. [His death was due to] natural causes, as far as we’re aware,” added Pendlebury. “I’m pretty devastated he’s gone.
    “Every day I’d say hi to him, he knew my name…I called him Trav, that’s what he told me to call him. I’m not sure what his actual name was.”
    Wimble, who could regularly be seen reading newspapers in his chair, was a well-known figure among UBC students. According to AMS staff, he had been spending most of his time in the SUB for nearly 15 years, never once causing a disruption. Staff and security described him as a quiet, gentle man who never created a bother.
    Third-year pharmacy student Erik MacKinnon spoke to him almost every day, after striking a rapport with him from working at AMS Security in his first year at UBC.
    “He liked coming to the SUB and [hanging] out.” He loved watching Canucks games, MacKinnon said, and would watch them on the TV screens at Pi R Squared.
    “But he was an incredibly private guy, he never shared anything about his personal life or his background or anything…But all we ever did was shoot the shit, you know.”
    And while many students generally assumed that Wimble was homeless, it was never confirmed. AMS staff said he had a place he went to sleep each night, but didn’t know the exact location.
    “He would stay in the SUB until 9 or 10 o’clock sometimes, and then leave,” said MacKinnon.
    “For all I know, he would have been a millionaire who lived in one of the houses on the Endowment Land.”
    But he never caused any trouble, MacKinnon added.
    “He sat and bought food in the SUB all day long, he never asked anybody for money, he never approached people, we never had a problem with him…I’m sure the rest of the security team would tell you he’s never been an issue. Never.”
    His death has touched many, despite his private nature.
    “Personally, knowing he passed away is awful for me, I don’t feel like I lost a family member—I feel like the whole AMS community lost a family member. The guy is someone who I’m not going to see on a daily basis anymore,” said MacKinnon.
    “He’s always been there, he was a constant presence,” said UBC student Ania Kasprzak. “I’m sad…It’s always sad when someone passes away.”
    After his reported passing, a bouquet of flowers was placed on his chair, along with an issue of The Globe and Mail.
    On it was written, “In memory of the old man in the chair: ?-February 8, 2012″ in black marker.
    In the subsequent hours, many students put flowers and cards on his chair. One of them, written by a fourth-year English literature student, is presented below:

    Dear “Old Man in the SUB”:

    I hope you truly enjoyed the cookies that I gave you.

    I hope you smile forever at the pizza-snatching seagulls and confused pigeons.

    I hope you never had drunken first-years demonstrate the consequences of rookie imbibing mistakes on your throne.
    I hope you’ve understood by now that my incredible shyness and fear of offending you prevented me from having a long conversation with you.
    I hope to know your story.

    I will miss you. Rest in peace.

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  9. j4joanne

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    There are also flowers on his chair now
  10. j4joanne

    j4joanne Full Member


    "Trevor" and his daily news papers from 2006. Picture courtesy of UBC The Ubyssey Files.
  11. andrew92

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    To people not at UBC, or people who are new, it may seem strange to give this so much attention. But he literally was an entity within the building. It will be weird not having him in that chair, plain and simple. Makes me regret never striking up a conversation, no matter how many times I thought to do so.
  12. momentai

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  13. ELLE

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    His passing away actually brings up a really sad thought to me at least.

    How NONE of us, majority of us ever spoke to him. Yet, all we know is that he was there and some of us regret not talking to him and asking how his day was. Someone who some of us called a staple part of the UBC life, aside from the academics. He was essential to that part of the SUB but we always pass him by and never ask.

    I'm not saying we're wrong lol, I'm saying life's too short.
  14. Type.B

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    Aw man, this is so sad. I don't even go to UBC and still cried reading about him.
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  15. Popular

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    make you kinda think you should live life without regret eh?
  16. maruko

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    He gets more attention and more views than the clock tower... what if the clock tower disappeared suddenly... same theory
  17. ELLE

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    Yupperinosaurus. Exactly.
  18. delster

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    I was always too shy to ever go up and talk to him and I mean what if he just didn't want to talk to anyone? It's too bad that I don't know his story but was a big part of my daily UBC life. This feels just like Jerry, man that would wave and give peace signs to everyone on Hastings and Cassiar before you'd hit 2nd Narrows bridge.
  19. Type.B

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    not the same theory. He's a human being. clock tower is just concrete. Jeez.
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  20. ELLE

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    Oh no, I'm not blaming any of us. He does seem like a private person but I'm just saying I've seen so many "I regret not talking to him or even saying hi" so yeah lol.

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