tyra banks singing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fro, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. fro

    fro Full Member

    i have a question.....

    wut happened to tyra banks music career..not that i relli care bout it but it was so hyped on her show and wham! all gone..maybe she realized she couldnt sing w/o being computerized digitly or w/e?
  2. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    I never heard about Tyra wanting to start a singing career. Did you know that Naomi Campbell released an album many years ago that plopped!!! Oh snap!!! A model singing! Toooo funny! :lol:
  3. jmw1

    jmw1 Full Member

    I remember that but I cant even remember how it went or what it was called. Not too memorable.
  4. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    I bet you didnt know that Naomi\'s a mix of Jamaican and Chinese! Read her stats at: Please login or register to view links

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  5. s3nsational

    s3nsational Full Member

    Tyra banks can sing? :blink:
  6. tapthatass

    tapthatass Full Member

    i hate how actors or models or anything that has been already on tv like talk shows or anything can think they can become singers. they think its easy cause some people already know their face. same as singers, they think they can act because everyone already knows their face and will be wanting to see the movie.

    anyone can act or sing, but what matters is if you're good at it or not right? now that i think of it, lots of random people walking down the street can sing, like it doesnt sound bad. but they aren't good enough to be a singer. but anyways! my point is tyra shoudn't sing, and i think its weird how she has a talk show even though i do watch it sometimes. but i can tell or feel shes kinda fake in her shows sometimes
  7. shopaholic_goddess

    shopaholic_goddess Full Member

    i heard that tyra banks isnt modelling anymore, but she said she wanted to start her own business-she can sing?:blush:
  8. fro

    fro Full Member

    yah same! i feel she is verry fake and pretends to care in her shows...as well no she cannot sing its all computerized u can hear it:unsure:
  9. j_cloud

    j_cloud Full Member

    I remember them shooting her video on ANTM cycle 2. I think the song was called "Shake Ya Booty" or something along the lines of that, it was a pretty bad song.
  10. moufafa

    moufafa Full Member

    i think my ears started bleeding when i heard that song
  11. larissa

    larissa New Member

    LOL. i agree, she should stick to what she knows best! hehe.

    i'm actually surprised that her show is still up and running! but she must definitely be raking in the dough b/c of ANTM...now especially since it's going international...with Canada's next top model...apparently there's gonna be a Britain's next top model as well...
  12. j_cloud

    j_cloud Full Member

    I don't like her show. Her mom as her guest?! And transexuals/drag queens on a daytime talk show?!
  13. anonymouslee

    anonymouslee Full Member

    i saw a vid of her singing a few days ago and boy did she look like beyonce :confused:.. but of course she sounded nothing like beyonce cuz her singing just cant compare with B's
  14. ceeeee01

    ceeeee01 Full Member

    i know it is kinda too much.... these girls are crying on there because they don't have really eyebrows....lol.. iono but i just find that reallly too much.
  15. Gurp

    Gurp Full Member

    She can't sing that is why she isn't.
  16. labelwhore

    labelwhore Full Member

    yeahhh i remember this. i wish she just stuck to modeling. her talk show is laaaame. with all that DO YOUR RUNWAY WALK~ flip the hair... oki seriously.. WTF IS TAHT?!~?! lmao.
    i seriously LOOOOVE ANTM. canadas.. no so much. and the whole britains next top model? im not surprised. they do lots of american born tv reality shows. like BUMP AND GRRRRRIIIIIND~ LLMFAOOOO

    so yeah. =/ trya is cool and all, and PRETTYYY~ (this is why shes a GODDAMN MODEL PEOPLE) but singing? iunooo.. =/
  17. tiger16

    tiger16 New Member

    tyra sucks as a singer and she knows it. she even admitted it on her show..
  18. moufafa

    moufafa Full Member

    I know what you mean!! You can almost guarantee that there will be at least one episode a week with a drag queen on it. She just as bad as Maury Povich with all those who's the baby's daddy tests
  19. eeeva

    eeeva Full Member

    she seems very fake. disgusting how she acts all sincere on her show and always pretends she's about to cry when she waves her hand over her face.
  20. homechips

    homechips New Member

    tyra banks wants to be the next oprah lol pathetic

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