Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by man, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. man

    man Full Member

    has anyone ever heard of Urbanoutfitters? Its a really nice store from the States. Does anyone know if they will be opening a store in Vancouver anytime soon? I know that they have one in Edmonton but not here:(

    heres there site: Please login or register to view links
  2. Material Girl

    Material Girl Full Member

    I love Urban Outfitters. I know they\'re opening a new store at the Aladdin Hotel Dessert Passage Shops cuz I was just down in Vegas a month ago. They closest store is in Seattle. They\'re not going to open any stores in Vancouver anytime soon.
  3. man

    man Full Member

    that sucks..they have very nice clothes and the price is not bad. But buying it online is a ripoff cause the standard fee is alot, not including the S&H.:S
  4. jmw1

    jmw1 Full Member

    I wanted to get some things off their website because I loveeee that store. $30 to ship it to my house and that\'s more than I was paying for the items!! :S

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