1. What helps to role in the summer better than shopping for swimsuits. Ok, not our favourite passtime…BUT when you can get a super cute design that flatters all the right areas (and hides the rest) AND when you get it for a great price it helps to make the experience more pleasurable.
    I’ve ordered bathing suits online at Victoria’s Secret numerous times, and they really do have something for everyone. They have some greal sales on right now so Please login or register to view links out these amazing suits [/URL]at even more amazing prices!

    My favourite one under $10/piece is this one: Please login or register to view links Bikini[/URL]
    What do you think?? Which one is your favourite?

    PS:I found their sizing to be true to any other bathing suit manufacturer, and if you live near a VS maybe think about trying one on their first before you buy.
  2. jxnguyen

    jxnguyen Member

    ^ i love it! it's very cute.

    i wish i could order something online ):
    maybe this would be a great idea for a group buy?
  3. xbebe.2krzy

    xbebe.2krzy Full Member

    Hi, welcome to Mallvibes!

    Just letting you know that your link doesn't work.
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