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  1. fro

    fro Full Member

    hey guys if anyone cud respond to this it wud be helpful..

    ...i went and got waxed and the dumb lady kinda burnt me..not relli but in some spots...which means the wax was too hot im guessin rite?...but n e way does n e one kno any way of getting rid of them or soothing them down?..and they will go away soon right?!..dunt like scars

  2. mk04

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    hey fro,
    ive gotten my arms waxed before and my skins really sensitive so i get these weird temporary scars/bumps, but what the lady advised is to NOT wash it with soap when u get home, just clean with water atleast for a day and rub baby oil on it, it really helps!! Hope that works... :)

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  3. Katie

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    for things like legs and arms, or other small, fine hair areas.. is there anyone who has gone to a salon and tried doing it themselves at home?
    which would you recomend? i relize its a better idea to get it done professionally, but for budget reasons, and the no-time factor..for fine hair is it alright to use the at home kits? and any reccomendations on brands?
  4. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    i\'ve never really gotten it done professionally, but i\'ve been waxing my legs myself for a while now.
    arms are a bit painful (i guess the skin is much thinner and sensitive on the arms than the legs).
    but legs are ok once you get use to them.
    i like this kind of wax that they sell at safeway, london drugs etc. that is in a grayish box, says something like persian wax, and has a picture of a woman laying down all around the box.
    its about $10 per box, and it lasts a long time!!
    the wax in tubs are cheaper than the kind that is already on strips.

    hope that helps:)
  5. fro

    fro Full Member

    o okies tanks for replying and yah the burn is slowly going away thank god!...but as for the \"persian\" wax ive tried it and it doesnt relli work for me?..its da one u dunt heat up rite?...da only ones dat work for me are the ones u melt in a pot and stuff..my hairs relli fine its hard for it to hold...
  6. kaori

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    I wouldn\'t recommend waxing yourself. I\'ve seen too many women that burn or rip the skin off because they didn\'t know what they were doing. I would really recommend going to get it done proffesionally by someone who is a licensed Esthetician. Remeber.. Just becuase they work in a salon .. doen\'t mean they\'re licensed.

    I\'d do your waxing, but i\'m fully booked till march.
  7. fro

    fro Full Member

    o haha yah kaori i cant even wax my self im so dumb at those things lol!..i got it doen but yah im pretti sure she was just learning..the burns kinda goin away now..but yah...where do u work??..maybe ill come there eventually cuz i like waxing the hair grows back less its liek deing out :laugh:
  8. sonia7

    sonia7 Full Member

    i just have a quick suggestion, whenever i get burns-either from waxing or sunburns i like to rub eucaliptyst plant directly on the burn, simple break off a branch and cut it open, then rub on the burn
    ps-its easiest if u buy a plant that way its always available especially in the summer;)
  9. April

    April Full Member

    sonia7 wrote:
    Eucalyptus?? I think you mean aloe vera?
  10. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    Can someone tell me if they know of any locations where they do sugaring?

    It\'s the thick wax that cools on your skin and you just flick the wax up and pull off.. not using a strip to take it off.
  11. Kelsey

    Kelsey New Member

    Waxing can be complicated! I have tried those persian waxing strips and find that they don't work all that well. But I guess it's just a matter of preference because I have a girlfriend that has been using them since high school... I personally don't recommend doing it yourself especially if you are new to waxing. I recommend getting it done professionally. I go to see a really nice lady Natasha in Vancouver (around Granville and Broadway) and highly recommend her. She charges a reasonable $35 for a brazilian wax and she does a great job. She makes you feel comfortable and does an almost painless and very clean job. I have never gotten a burn or a rash after. Her number is (604) 737 7546! but in either case I say let the professionals handle it!
  12. dax

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    How ironic since I am watching this:
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