What do you see? The first three words you see will describe you

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by momentai, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. momentai

    momentai Elite Member

    Just for fun


    i got:

    bad, bio, whore

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  2. xbabysoul

    xbabysoul Full Member

    funny, whore, beautiful LOLL
  3. tiffco.

    tiffco. Full Member

    i got fat whore funny.. LOL
  4. jnny

    jnny Member

    I found whore, fab, & fun. LOL
  5. vonnie

    vonnie Full Member

    I found beautiful whore funny too LOL.
  6. Moldie

    Moldie Elite Member

    broke, funny & fat =(

    It makes sense how they can all be related =/
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  7. armin

    armin Full Member

    found love real quick. then i was stumped. read what you found and i started looking for whore lol. but ended up with

    love, whore, tub.
  8. Rei

    Rei Full Member

    beautiful, pretty, funny
  9. treecow

    treecow Full Member

    lots of whores here i see =p haha nah im jk
    i found love, beautiful, broken
  10. buggaboo

    buggaboo Full Member

    i got fat, love, bad ahah
  11. angelcheng55

    angelcheng55 Full Member


    i did this on tumblr and i found :

    lovely, beautiful, funny

    im going to search for the whore now
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  12. xneener

    xneener Moderator Staff Member

    funny broken and whore.
  13. jay_elle

    jay_elle Full Member

    fat, epic, broke
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  14. delster

    delster Full Member

    I too, am a funny, broken whore
  15. dogluver

    dogluver Full Member

    fat, whore, fool :unsure
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  16. maruko

    maruko Full Member

    beautiful pat broken
    ( looks like Whore really stands out)
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  17. I'mBringingPickles

    I'mBringingPickles Full Member

  18. Cinnamee

    Cinnamee Member

    funny but whore
  19. iheartdeals

    iheartdeals Active Member



    i got love, plop, funny. i can't make sense of it all :/
  20. Type.B

    Type.B Full Member

    Hahaha. I got but, pat and broke.

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