What do you see? The first three words you see will describe you

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by momentai, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. bluepenpal

    bluepenpal Full Member

    I found epic, clutz, and pretty

    and fat right on the top :(
  2. midnight.ruby

    midnight.ruby Full Member

  3. sweetcandy

    sweetcandy Full Member

    sad whore clutz i swear whore is just dead center D:
  4. venusrawrs

    venusrawrs Member

    Fat Love Whore ):
  5. kharizee

    kharizee Full Member

    fat - beautiful - whore? what the heck.
  6. kathyy*

    kathyy* Full Member

    love fool fat HAHAHA
  7. sly handles

    sly handles Member

    bad, lovely, funny LOL too many ppl have whore's not a good sign
  8. shortylim

    shortylim Full Member

    hahah this was pretty interesting. i got bad, funny, whore -.-
  9. tifffyy

    tifffyy Full Member

    beautiful, lovely, clutz LOL :$
  10. vietdollyful

    vietdollyful Full Member

    bad, lovely, beautiful .. LOL makes no sense :eek:
  11. Cupcakes

    Cupcakes Full Member

    fat, lovely, funny

    strangely enough, I always complain about being a fatty even though im not.
  12. kirand

    kirand Member

    love fab and... but lol
  13. gracie009

    gracie009 Full Member

    whore, broken, and fat

  14. emiiilee

    emiiilee Full Member

    whore pretty funny LOL
  15. miss-ink

    miss-ink New Member

    This is interesting :D

    My first word was fat, second was funny and final world was pretty
  16. dogluver

    dogluver Full Member

    i found another version. lols.

    face word search.jpg
  17. shiningb3b3

    shiningb3b3 Full Member

    In this order...FML:

    whore, fat, pretty

    I am none of those.
  18. dogluver

    dogluver Full Member

    ^lols. agreed!


    found "prey, peaceful, elegant, reserve" in the smiley face word search. aha.
  19. Dorkette

    Dorkette Full Member

    Smiley face: Elegant, Peaceful, Charismatic, Dependant

    I fit 3 of the 4 lol
  20. apple.pi3

    apple.pi3 Full Member

    1st one i got.

    beautiful, clutz, whore ..

    smiley face one :

    genuine, elegant, naive, lovely


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