What is everyone\'s favourite cosmetic brands?

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by Ruby, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    So yeah, what is everyone\'s favourite cosmetic brands and what would you suggest buying? :cheer:
  2. miss

    miss Guest

    depends. if you want to go for the cheaper stuff, quo is apparently a good brand. found at shoppers.

    different brands are good for different stuff so it\'s hard.

    but if you want to see reviews and stuff for cosmetics, i signed up at makeupalley.com and it\'s amazing.
  3. Rachel

    Rachel Guest

    I love Sephora and Bobbi Brown. Sephora is huge is Europe, the only way I can get it is via online sephora.com If you ever go to Paris and along Champs-Elysées,there\'s a massive store there. Think Walmart sized of only makeup and fragrances. Their own brand are well priced.

    Bobbi Brown you can only find at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver..

    I\'m not a fan of Mac just because I can\'t pull of their intense colours. I\'m a \"wear a lot of make up but you couldn\'t tell\" kind of person. :D
  4. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Rachel if you buy online theres a shipping fee right overall is it a lot?
  5. I love Dior cosmetics. They\'re a bit pricey but worth every dollar! I also love Stilla, Red Earth and The Body Shop makeup. Mac has a good selection of colors but i find that their eyeshadows don\'t blend well.
  6. Rachel

    Rachel Guest

    $10 or free if you order over $120 of stuff. And apparently there are two stores in Toronto...
  7. numbertwo

    numbertwo Guest

    where do they still sell red earth cosmetics? i swear i thought they were gone! did they come back to candaa or something? i like that brand!
  8. Shoppers beauty boutiques are the exclusive retailers of Red Earth Cosmetics in Canada.
  9. femme fatal

    femme fatal Guest

    I also love Red Earth cosmetics! Their makeup is so cute and innexpensive!! their eyeshadow colors are amazing! I\'ll have to check them out at the shoppers drug mart beauty boutiques!!! Thanks J\'adore Dior for reminding us about Red Earth!!
  10. Ruby

    Ruby Full Member

    I asked the Espirit I think I spelled that wrong... anywho they say Red Earth is only selling in shoppers drug mart in Yale Town I\'m not too sure if I got the place correct but ask the store in the mall and they should tell you. :)
  11. ocheng

    ocheng New Member

    I LOVE CHANEL !! Espcially their eyeshadows... !!!!
  12. tjeng

    tjeng Full Member

    I love BOBBI BROWN as well, I aslo like Stilla and MAC[for some of their products, not all]
    hmm..Red Earth is pretty good for inexpensive stuff, so is The Body Shop
  13. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    I love The Body shop, MAC (some of it, Red Earth, Anna Sui, Eyeko, Dior (but some of their stuff have waay to much scent added to it)
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