What will you be buying this season?

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by Kaori, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Kaori

    Kaori Guest

    Hey all you girls and guys out there. Wanted to start a forum topic of what u girls and guys are wanting this season. As for me? I want a pair of uggs and the juicy couture Willy wonka suit.
  2. Vlatka

    Vlatka Guest

    I find myself gravitating towards anything teal coloured...so far, teal jacket, teal cords, teal shoes, teal tops...Of course, not all to be worn together...and sorry, but... \"uggs\" are certainly NOT on my list - I prefer not to look like a sasquatch.
  3. Kaori

    Kaori Guest

    Teal is definetly hot it suits almost every skintone.
  4. Pattypus

    Pattypus Guest

    I\'m gonna be buying a belt from Garage, and some shirts from Garage and Aritzia.:cheer:

    Oh ya, and these awesome jeans from Garage!
  5. tinster

    tinster Guest

    yeah.. teal is definitely one of the hottest colours this season. I want jeans from Abercrombie&Fitch as well as A/E, T-shirts from ZARA, military inspired jackets from ZARA,and I can always use another pair of chucks. I don\'t usually shop at Garage b/c I feel that it isn\'t really my style but they do have some nice stuff once in a while though.
  6. kate spade

    kate spade Guest

    Uggs are on my list!! Juicy couture is so hot!!! I want a juicy couture rabbit fur jacket..
  7. Nicky W.

    Nicky W. Guest

    I\'m totally into shrugs! They\'re so comfertable!! I have one in almost every color you can think of. :blush:
  8. johnny boy

    johnny boy Guest

    i won\'t be buying any clothes.. i\'ll be buying myself an xbox 360!!! the graphics are just amazing!! I pre-ordered mine so i\'ll be getting it a just a couple days!!

    ps: all you girls here probably don\'t really care :p
  9. brett

    brett Guest

    i\'ll probably check out the body shop F &F event at metropolis on dec 9 - 10 to buy some gifts for my sister and mom.. for myself, i\'ll probably check out the futureshop F&F event today as i\'ll be buying myself a new plasma or lcd tv for my room :)
  10. miss

    miss Guest

    sweaters, jewelry, shoes maybe? and presents!
  11. babiigrl

    babiigrl Guest

    :angry: are you serious u dun lyk garage ?! omgosh garage is one of the most top modern clothing shop for us grls~ well beats meh i shop der alot okai... just totally mah style! le chateau is another shop u grls shuld go to too. mmm i use to go to urban planet not sure if ders anythin good der now... aritzia [where tna belongs ] ALSO I LOVE TRIPLE 5 SOUL their awesome! You`ll mostly find Triple 5 Soul at Off the wall, below the belt, Latitude, and if ur luckii aritzia might hve some stocks... well hve a wonderful shoppin x-mas :side:
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