Where Can I Buy Laneige Products?

Discussion in 'Makeup/Skin' started by bb520xx, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. bb520xx

    bb520xx New Member

    I've seen Crystal Mall and Aberdeen stores carry Laneige but I was wondering if there was anywhere else I can buy their products and also where I can get the best deal

  2. alison

    alison Full Member

    I think they sell LANEIGE at Sa Sa in Metrotown (bottom floor near T&T) but I've heard they are quite expensive.
  3. McNunu

    McNunu Member

    I only know about Crystal Mall, Aberdeen n Sasa inside Metro.
    There is also an online vendor, Koyuki Palace, who can meet in Vancouver, in addition to Laneige she sells a lot of other Korean and other Asian cosmetics and skincare.
    Otherwise Cosme-de has free international shipping and there's also Sasa.com
  4. blair

    blair Elite Member

    If you wanna get the best deal, don't bother going to the stores cuz the markup is pretty high!
    Like mcnunu said sasa.com and cosme-de.com are your best bet. I know if you register for cosmede they give you a $5 off coupon and if you order over $30 they include a pack of oil sheets with your order.
  5. bebex3

    bebex3 Full Member

    definitely buy it online! they wayyyyy over charge in the beauty stores here! i bought a laneige cleanser at one of the crystal mall beauty stores and it was definitely overpriced. and if you plan on going to korea someday, my advice to you is STOCK UP lol
  6. yaucheung

    yaucheung New Member

    i agreed with bebex3, definitely by online.... i tried cosme-de.com and sasa.com.... and also tried yostylist.com, all of them offers free shipping ... and the price is much cheaper than that from shops..
  7. Celestial

    Celestial Full Member

    you can buy it from the canada online site Please login or register to view links
    otherwise i think beauty court in aberdeen or in chinatown plaza carries (chinatown plaza, i dont know how they stay in business!)

    shipping to canada is very slow right now. stuff is in customs for about 6 weeks or more! so depends how bad you want it.
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  8. Secret

    Secret Full Member

    How much cheaper is it to buy from Chinatown Plaza than other places?
    I'm trying to buy the Laneige Multiberry Peeling Gel and so far the cheapest would be ~$25 online?
  9. Celestial

    Celestial Full Member

    I dont know but there is a beauty court there. I think the prices are the same. just in vancouver as opposed to going to richmond. $25 sounds about right. i dont think you can get cheaper unless it's fake.
  10. yaucheung

    yaucheung New Member

    Cannot agree with celestical... I got my package from yostylist.com just 10 days from their ship out date... Nothing special at custom... 6 weeks will be required only if surface mail is chosen.... But I know many websites like yostylist.com and sasa.com uses air mail... They can provide a tracking number to you to track the shipping status...
  11. Celestial

    Celestial Full Member

    i waited about 7 to 8 weeks for my packages before they all got delivered in one day so your experience is better than mine but it should not invalidate mine either. if OP is needing the product then buying in canada with 7 days shipping and no customs or duty (its the luck of the draw whether you get dinged or not cos you cannot say you will never get charged customs if it hasnt happened yet) is definitely an option.

    my items were shipped by air thank you very much, just they were stuck at customs. the dollar is really strong so there is lots of online shopping right now.

    I am looking to buy in canada for the moment. too much stress of worrying whether something is lost. in fact one of my purchases did get lost.

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