where to buy wool coats/ pea coats?

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by o1.baby, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. o1.baby

    o1.baby Full Member

    Does anyone know where to buy a pea coat (prefer black or gray) or a wool coat? i don't want one that's too long since I'm short. I'm also very petite so it's really hard for me to find one. I need an xxs/xs and am willing to spend between 150-250 on it. Please let me know since I really want one and have trouble finding the right one!
  2. hoOoneydipped

    hoOoneydipped Full Member

    I'm looking for one too! I'm about to purchase one on the Nordstrom site.
    Try Aritiza or Zara. They're about $300 Aritzia and $100-120 at Zara, but last I saw they were all out of small sizes.

    Good luck!
  3. spendtoomuch

    spendtoomuch New Member

    i thought nordstrom didnt ship out internationally?
  4. jazuresky

    jazuresky Full Member

    I'm looking for one too!! It depends on the quality..I saw them in many places. You could try Aritzia like ^ mentioned, and I've tried looking in Zara but there are always so many ppl. I've seen coats range from $60 to about $300.

    Also try Suzy, Plenty, Guess, Winners, H&M, RW&Co, Le Chateau, GAP, Jacob..

    on the pricier side: (aren't they all pricy....)
    Bebe, Bedo, FCUK, A/X, Holt Renfrew, Esprit, Banana Republic, MEXX
  5. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    I'm joining the club too! I need a wool coat :)

    As I was looking around, I came across American Eagle. They had reasonable prices compared to Aritzia.

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    AE Classic Pea Coat
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    AE Classic Plaid Pea Coat
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  6. jazuresky

    jazuresky Full Member

    yeah I forgot about AE. But I opt it out cuz I went in person to try and the material is soo ROUGH! it feels like sandpaper! It's about $150 before taxes in Canada though.
  7. a_mee

    a_mee Full Member

    jacob has a few nice ones right now but i believe they're about mid knee length. i haven't seen them in person though. i think they range from about $198-$225. you can look at them on the Please login or register to view links.
  8. o1.baby

    o1.baby Full Member

    I've been to aritzia, ae (im with you jazuresky it's really rough), plenty, mantique, jessica, and b.b. blue, but they were either too long, not the right material, or too big for me. it's so hard to find the perfect one >.<
  9. spendtoomuch

    spendtoomuch New Member

    i just bought one from aritzia. i was lucky to grab a xxs before it sold out. i think someone on here is selling their wilfred jacket for 250 size xxs. u should find her post. but im looking for another jacket one thats jus around the waist, n i cant seem to find one anywhere. mind you i dont want to spend as much as the one from aritzia cuz that was more formal than casual. =/ sux to be small hey LOL
  10. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    O thanks for letting me know! That's too bad, I guess I'll try another place.
  11. jazuresky

    jazuresky Full Member

    yeah I like the ones from aritzia and plenty but I didn't even bother to try them on cuz they're too expensive! it is SO hard to find a perfect one! but yet when u walk @ downtown u can see like 1 in every 5 girls is wearing a peacoat :(

  12. o1.baby

    o1.baby Full Member

    i know how you guys feel! i hate being so tiny!
  13. jazuresky

    jazuresky Full Member

    ^if you're really tiny...maybe try uhh..jacob kids? dunno if they will have peacoats for...kids though o_o;
  14. v13co

    v13co Full Member

    if you see something you like in aritzia you could always ask them to bring it in from the warehouse. you'd usually get them in two days and you can return them if you don't like them. downside, you have to pay for them outright but then again, you can get a refund.

    i bought an pea coat from aritzia a few weeks back but then got a better quality, better fit at banana rep factory outlet in bellingham. it was pricey even for factory outlet price but i figured it's going to last me a while and i can wear it for casual wear/ work wear
  15. xxk1nky

    xxk1nky Full Member

    zara, plenty, aritzia?
  16. spendtoomuch

    spendtoomuch New Member

    ooh where's that outlet in bellingham?do share =)
  17. vivelle90

    vivelle90 Full Member

    OLD NAVY, theyre all either around 100 or under :)
  18. canido

    canido Full Member

    i just got THE perfect coat from Costa Blanca because they have the 50% family and friends event. this is my first time ever to ever get something from there!
  19. kIts

    kIts Full Member

    i just got one from Guess not so long ago .. it was 250 or something. is that a lot? it almost reached 300 after taxes but i'm planning to not get a new one for a while. iuno i have this thing where i always feel guilty after spending so much on one item.

    anyway, yeah their quaility is pretty good and some are on sale (30% off i think).. and some special deals right now.. u should go check it out!
  20. c4dm

    c4dm Elite Member

    Fairweather, Le Chateau, Aritzia or even Zara.

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