where to get ardell lashes?

Discussion in 'Makeup/Skin' started by gracie009, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. gracie009

    gracie009 Full Member

    I've been using Sephora and Daiso lashes pretty much my whole life and I want to try something new. I've heard good reviews on Ardell lashes but I'm not sure where to get them. Where do you get Ardell lashes and how much are they typically? Also, is the eyelash glue good? Because I know the Daiso glues suck.

    Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. sw33tsmil3s

    sw33tsmil3s Elite Member

    Hi, I believe London Drugs Sell them for ~$4.99 or 5.99 but I heard they get ruined easily when they get wet
  3. gracie009

    gracie009 Full Member

    do you know how the glue is?
  4. moomingstarz

    moomingstarz Full Member

    they sell them at almost every drugstore except shoppers drug mart
    superstore has them for 4.99
    walmart has them for 4.99
    and london drugs had them too, but i think it's more expensive there than superstore or walmart.
    shoppers has the quo lashes which are also good but they're very comparable to ardell lashes. hope this helped you!
  5. gracie009

    gracie009 Full Member

    thank you!

    what do you prefer, ardell lashes or quo?

    LUXURYD0LL* New Member

    The glue is good but they're not actually waterproof like it says it is ! Ardell lashes are better than Quo in my opinion because the Ardell ones seem to last longer . The band on the Quo lashes are so weak ><
  7. justh3r

    justh3r Full Member

    There are ardell ones that are like 12 bucks which are real human hair , very good quality
  8. -stuff

    -stuff Full Member

    ^ Aren't all Ardell lashes made with 100% human hair? Anyway, I agree with sw33tsmil3s, they do get ruined when they get wet :mad:
  9. gracie009

    gracie009 Full Member

    what do you mean by ruined?

    ruined as in all soggy, or ruined as in lash hairs fall off?
  10. 1sw-eetxhunny

    1sw-eetxhunny Full Member

    i use ardell lashes all the time and i think they work the best and last the longest
    the glue works well too just make sure when you put the glue on the band you wait 30 seconds so that the glue becomes sticky

    i just bought some yesterday from superstore for 5.99
    and like other people said, you can get it at london drugs and walmart
  11. gracie009

    gracie009 Full Member

    which glue do you use?
  12. A-fortiori

    A-fortiori Full Member

    I have individual Ardell lashes if you're interested! :p
  13. sw33tsmil3s

    sw33tsmil3s Elite Member

    I actually haven't tried them for myself but I heard the glue is decent, not the best
  14. SWOO

    SWOO Full Member

    Check out :
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    They have loads of lashes. =) cheap too!
  15. 1sw-eetxhunny

    1sw-eetxhunny Full Member

    i use ardell glue
  16. pamplemousse

    pamplemousse Full Member

    wait for a sale at london drugs, they have them once every couple of months and they go for $3.99.. that's when i stock up! they're made of human hair and the band is much softer and thinner than daiso's and they blend better with your natural lashes
  17. ChristineTangBBY

    ChristineTangBBY Full Member

    i get mine at london drugs
  18. meems

    meems Full Member

    Also available at Well.ca (free shipping).
  19. anitaroxz

    anitaroxz Full Member

    I buy mine at Madamemadeline.com or at save-on-foods. $3.99 a pair there I believe.
  20. xhoneybeee

    xhoneybeee Full Member

    you can get them at london drugs, superstore, wal-mart, almost any drugstore has them. you should try out the quo ones from shoppers.

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