Who\'s thinking of joining Fitness World?

Discussion in 'Sales, Coupons & Finds' started by Rachel, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    My boyfriend has ask me for some help on his quest.

    He needs to find 3 people to sponsor as new members for Fitness World, if he does, he gets a new bike from them.

    If you\'re planning to join, or know anyone planning to join this month, David will give the person $50 if s/he let him sponsor him/her. He goes to the Kitsilano Fitness World, but you can go to any Fitness World you want after you\'ve joined.

    So if you plan to join, why not earn $50 too?

    E-mail vancouvertoswitzerland@gmail.com ASAP if you\'re interested.
  2. Husna

    Husna Full Member

    I\'m sorry I will never joint fitness world. They are terrible. The staff is so pushy for commission and just try to sell you stuff. You have to wait 30 in line for machines.

    I went to canadian tire and an eliptical machine was on sale.
  3. mr.x

    mr.x Full Member

    i wish i could help.. too bad i recently signed up at fitXpress in east van... good luck though! :)

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