why is aritzia so popular?

Discussion in 'Aritzia' started by kathy, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. kathy

    kathy Guest

    I have a question for everyone here.....Can someone tell me why Aritzia is so popular? I\'m just curious to know what you all think as to why it\'s so successful here in Vancouver... also, what are you thoughts on getting people to come into a clothing store?
  2. it\'s successful cause they use good materials and they wash well.

    i shop there because the clothing is comfortable. jessicas sizes are just way too small. lululemon is sort of like aritzia, with all the petite sizes etc. i think if u want ppl to come to your store, your styles have to be trendy while not too many ppl are wearing the clothes.... :p it\'s good to be unique!!
  3. girlygirl

    girlygirl Guest

    i think aritzia is popular here in vancouver, especially with the younger crowd because the clothes fit really well on me... i\'m only 5\'2\" and i have a small frame so i wear xxs pants.. i can\'t really find clothes that fit me, or they\'re really hard to find at other places like guess, AE, etc.... :unsure
  4. brett

    brett Guest

    so why is aritzia so popular? that i will never understand! i\'m sure all you girls have your reasons.

    but i\'m a guy and i guess i\'m not supposed to touch this topic anyway :unsure:
  5. cherri_luvs

    cherri_luvs Member

    why is everyone on here a guest? not that im hating or anything, just curious.
    I think its popular because their quality is good. The staff are "aesthetically pleasing" aka pretty, and their shop is a really nice, custom shop. Its not like stitches where they all look the same. Each difference branch has got a unique look and feel to it.
  6. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    ^ please dont bump up threads that are almost 4 years old
  7. juicyy

    juicyy Full Member

    I think it all started out with the supplex suits....

    Aritzia was around for quite a while now and its only gotten popular after that phase where everyone had a shiny TNA logo on their chest or ass.
  8. juicyy

    juicyy Full Member

    OH hahah sorry i never even noticed
  9. ruthiealmighty

    ruthiealmighty Full Member

    i think its probably only because they sell brand name clothes and the stores always look nice.... the only bad thing is that the prices are pretty high and some of the material for the clothes are TOO delicate..
  10. boo0ie

    boo0ie Full Member

    because of TNA ! LOL ^____^

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