why some \"fake\" gets confiscated

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by canido, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. canido

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    This is something that i have been pondering for a while about, maybe some of you know the answer to it.

    I don\'t get why in the night market, some stalls get their goods confiscate because they sell \"fake\" stuff whilst the store next door, also (i suppose) selling fake stuff, nothing happens to them.

    I am just wondering, can a store in a mall sell \"fake\" things..is it even legal?

    Answers are greatly appreciated! =)
  2. jmw1

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    No it\'s not legal to sell fake things. Basically the argument is that it steals the designs and logos of the company which i\'m assuming are copyrighted or something like that. So, if a store sold a LV replica purse that looks exactly like it but isn\'t from the actual company, that\'s illegal.

    However, some places sell replicas, but they have modifications to them, perhaps in the pattern or colour which techinically makes it ok because they are not directly stealing.
  3. fro

    fro Full Member

    yes i agree i hate fakers lol..but i have to admit sum ppl cant afford these things..but if you cant afford it its ok to buy a few fake item or so..but dont turn ur entire wardrobe or w/e into a fake haven! i kno sum ppl like that and its annoyin...if its illegal tho theres soooo many stores in even lansdown now that sell fake handbags and stuff..an if you go to like parker place sumtimes the sales ppl hide it in the back and u have to ask for it :blink:
  4. mimoo

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    yah its annoying how so many ppl out there now have fakes too. everytime i carry my coach purse around, i usually get asked is that fake? its so annoying. all those stores that sell fakes.... n there are even places at metrotown that sell fakes now too.
  5. Babyblues

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    oh i agree with fro, i have a lot of friends who have told me that there are particular stores in richmond that you have to ask for the items and they\'ll get them.

    Honestly, if you want a coach purse, go down to Burlington, Washington and get one at their factory store.

    I picked up one of their \"classic\" brand bags, authentic, priced down on clearance for like $50 right after xmas time. My gf saw that same bag at the coach factory store in Maui for $250! Same store, same purse, different price.

    They don\'t have the clearance one\'s listed on Please login or register to view links, so you have to go to the store, but it\'s worth the drive. It\'s a fair size store and the salesgirls were really nice, even though we were in track pants and sweatshirts (no snobby sales girls like you get if you wear the same thing at other stores here)
  6. xsalesjunkiex

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    wow :blink:

    play nice kerlerfer.. you\'re new here :p
  7. jadore_dior

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    It makes me kinda angry when I see people carrying fake replica items. I have the authentic Gucci waste pouch and I see soo many people with the fake ones. It\'s ok if you can\' afford it just buy something cute that\'s brand name like Guess. I love the stuff at guess, their stuff is super cute, name brand and not fake. People can tell when it\'s fake.. wouldn\'t you rather wear something real but maybe not as expensive?

    It is not legal to sell fake repica items in North America. I went to Aberdeen Centre with my boyfriend on the weekend and I saw places selling fake Juicy couture bags. I just wanted to see what they would say if I asked if It was real and surprisingly one store said that It was real(it wasn\'t) I saw fake tiffany\'s, fake Louis Vuitton, fake juicy couture and more that I can\'t think of right now.

    Parker place also carries are large amount of fake items too. This one store carries fake Coach (i didn\'t even know Coach had fakes!), fake Louis Vuitton, fake Gucci, fake Prada and more. I wish these stores would just get closed down!:pinch:

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  8. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member


    Just becuase she\'s seen them around doesn\' mean that she buys fake stuff. I see fake stuff in Parker place, aberdeen and the night market all the time. Everyone goes there and they display some of the stuff, it doesn\' mean I\'ve ever purchased the stuff. :)
  9. fro

    fro Full Member

    i understand that ur new to this and havent seen other posts were ive mentioned how fake stuff annoys me?kerlerfer...if i were to buy these things y wud i be bashing selling fake items??...wut i mentioned is that not everyone can afford these things and if they want to own a few fake things thats their business...but havin ur entire wardrobe be fake that in my view is lame..but i for one do not own any fake items ..and not every thing i do own is juicy versace etc. u can buy cheaper things too and dun need to brag about it...but i do have friends and i do kno ppl and if u talked to ppl u wud hear about these things..jus like jadore_dior and Babyblues said too..if you do alota shoppin u kno bout how these things go on..and thats my story

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  10. jadore_dior

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    props to fro for her last post. I have a lot of nice stuff and I\'ve been a member for a long time now but I don\'t brag about what i have to other members. Let\'s be nice ok? and Keep this a friendly forum :)
  11. RichardWilinski

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    What was I going to post again? Sorry I got distracted by your lovely photo. Can I see a larger photo because the one you are featuring is rather small.

    PS: Don\'t tell my girlfriend. heh heh I\'m only kidding :p
  12. fro

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    well there are different ways of mentioning it..so it doesnt come across like that..and just like jadore_dior also said cuz so far never had any problems on this site and so outta respect ima leave it at that :blink:
  13. j_chick

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    kerlerfer wrote:
    I\'m guessing you are young and immature. I once thought that I could live life mooching and golddigging guys.. well those days are over and you\'ll soon realize that\'s not the way to live.

    You gotta be independant and make your own money. Don\'t count on a guy to buy you everything you want. I think it feels 100X better when I buy stuff with my own money and not get my boy to fork out the cash. (not saying he won\'t because he\'s more than willing to do so)

    If this is what really makes you happy then by all means, keep it up. But as for myself, and probably most other girls out there, I love being confident, self-assured, sexy, and smart. I don\'t need a guy to buy me bags, I got my own job, my own car, my own place, my own money and my own life. :)
  14. xsalesjunkiex

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    :dry: i\'m keeping my eye on this topic.. everyone play nice.. trust me.. i watch this site like a hawk!!
  15. Babyblues

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    I think this topic has kind of steered away from what the original posts were regarding

    Trying to bring it back around to the original......

    Yes, buying real items are better than fakes, b/c we all know that fakes play into the \"black market\" and gangs and what not. For those who can\'t afford to buy real items, and they really want that item, then they may buy a fake.

    The problem lies in everyone who is marketing the \"fakes\" and trying to pass them off as the real items. Hence why people should take caution if you are buying on ebay, as many will pass of the fakes for real
  16. HeIIoKitty

    HeIIoKitty New Member

    it\'s funny reading your posts and seeing what jealousy can do to girls. :laugh:
  17. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    Oh, i\'ll completely agree that when it comes to being \"catty\" girls are the worst. It\'s a known fact that when bullying takes place, girls are far worse at it than guys are b/c they know where to really play it where it hurst (and i know this through research at university)

    But through this site, there shouldn\'t be any catty remarks as it is a website where people are trying to \"help\" one another, not try and put others down.

    The old saying goes: if you don\'t have something nice to say, then don\'t say anything at all....simple as that :)
  18. RichardWilinski

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    You were quoted as saying that you once thought you could live life this way and you also mentioned that those days are over now. Perhaps that now that you are older, let the younger girls experience life their own way. Youth is about having fun and absorbing it all. Life is a journey afterall. No need for unnecessary cattiness and jealousy :)
  19. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    I know that you weren\'t referring to me Richard, as I haven\'t mooched off guys.

    But i do agree that younger girls need to experience life their own way, but i also believe that girls need to be able to be independent on their own.

    Yes it\'s nice to have guys buy things for you, there is nothing wrong feeling that way, but you have to know when to draw the line at \"golddigging\" so much

    I have too many gf\'s who have no idea the value of money b/c they\'ve had everything handed down to them, and now that they\'re older they still don\'t know the value of money.....hence they\'re still mooching off parents and guys.

    Everyone learns from their own experiences, and nobody can tell them otherwise. The more that you tell people to stop doing something, the more that they want to do it.....it\'s human nature.
  20. xsalesjunkiex

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    RichardWilinski wrote:
    Richard.. you\'ve been an interesting addition to this site, however, i want to know, why haven\'t you asked your girlfriend to sign up? :p

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