Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by jennifer., May 1, 2006.

  1. jennifer.

    jennifer. Full Member

    does anyone have any really great deals for
    willowbroke shopping center??for like any of there stores??:cheer: ;)
  2. LuxeLife

    LuxeLife Full Member

    Where\'s Willowbroke?
  3. mk04

    mk04 Full Member

    its in langley
  4. LuxeLife

    LuxeLife Full Member

    It\'s too far for me so I\'m never in Langley. Sorry :)
  5. 2dirtdiggers

    2dirtdiggers New Member

    It\'s Willowbrook...;)
  6. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    they have printable coupon on their site.
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    and they have a sidewalk sale on june 28th to july 5th
  7. Sandy

    Sandy Full Member

    If you want to find discounts in Langley go on the bypass to visit the La Vie En Rose, levi\'s, mexx outlets and a bunch more around there

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