Discussion in 'Sales, Coupons & Finds' started by RichardWilinski, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. RichardWilinski

    RichardWilinski Full Member

    LOTS of good deals at the ZARA store on Robson. Upstairs features full, knee-length skirts for only $14.95. Tops galore for cheap too. Go check it out!:p
  2. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    thanks for the post richard!
  3. mz.g

    mz.g Full Member

    hehe i checked it out. they got tees for $9.95

    pants and stuff for 14.95, 19.95

    shoes on sale the whole stores on sale

    sweaters on sale.

    clothes in huge piles. :lol:

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